Mistress Wife

Mistress Wife

Friday, March 18, 2011

Page 3 of Litia's Journal - Re-Posted March 18 2011

The Original Mistress Wife

Litia’s Journal
Page 3

Re-Posted on March 18, 2011

The next time I went to Mother's I gave Her instructions for "milking" which She said would not be needed but I left Her the instructions anyway. 

Over time Mother continued to milk scott in Her way and She would bathe him and suckle him – 

-but nothing else – 

for about a month or so - then I had asked Mother to baby-sit scott over the weekend and She agreed – 

scotty dropped Me off at the airport and he returned to Mother's. 

Mother had made plans for this first weekend She would spend with scott. 

The first change was that Mother did not milk scott like She had in the past. She just changed him in front of Her and then She told him to go watch television. 

Mother followed and changed the channel to "Touched by and Angel". Then She sat on the couch next to scott and told him to put his head on Her lap. Then as if it were an everyday thing, She had scotty suckle on Her breast while She watched one of Her favorite TV shows. As scotty suckled on Mother’s breast, She lovingly stroked his hair.

Then suddenly - without saying a word or a warning - Mother got up and took scott by the hand and brought him into the bath room where She told him to remove his clothes.

Mother sat on the toilet and with scott standing by Her – Mother had been thinking about this for a long time -

Mother put on a rubber glove - put a hand around scott's waist and She began to lubricate scotty’s anus. All the while Mother explained that what She was doing was for scott's own good. 

Mother inserted Her finger into scott’s butt and began to pump Her finger in and out of scott – scotty said his penis was standing tall and Mother liked that allot – As She fingered his butt – his erection began to dribble. 

scott said it was kind of funny because Mother would stop fingering him to re-read a page of instructions - then Mother pulled him back to Her and in earnest She would again massage scott's prostate with Her finger – 

Mother was elated as the fluid began to flow from scotty’s dick. Mother was very happy and scott said She massaged his prostate until there wasn’t a drop left in him - then in a voice scotty hadn’t heard before coming from Her – so matter of fact - Mother told scott to take a bath and Mother left the room. 

When he came out of the bath room, Mother asked if he felt alright and scott nodded "yes" and Mother asked "Did I do it right?" and scott said "yes perfectly – Thank You ". scotty said that Mother beamed with pride.

The next morning - scott was awakened with Mother milking him in Her old way and after he came in Mother's mouth - she smiled at him and said "I like this way much better, don't you" and She left his room.

The day was normal with scott working outside and around the house - My Mother left to shop and play BINGO – 

When Mother returned She told scott She was tired and was going to bed. About an hour later Mother called for scott to come to Her bedroom - and without another word - Mother had scott - who remained fully clothed - again suckle on Mother's nipple - but this time, Mother pushed his head to Her pussy and for the first time scott began to softly lick and suck on Mother’s pussy. Mother’s lifted Her Womanhood to scott’s mouth as Her hand - on the back of his head – pulled scott closer and closer to Her. scotty said Mother was cooing the who time and when She was finished She pushed scotty away from Her - said “good night scott”- rolled over and went to sleep. scott left Mother’s room quietly and returned to the TV room. 

Later, Mother came out and apologized to scott and promised scott that “none of it would ever happen again”. 

scott told Me that he looked down and began to cry – (scotty’s so smart) and as he worked the tears out Mother said - "Why are you crying dear – are you crying cause you’re happy that I won’t do any of that again?" scotty really hammed it up and without ever lifting his eyes – scotty slowly shook his head “No
Mother walked close to scotty and put Her arms almost around him – “what’s wrong dear – please don’t cry

As scotty was telling Me about this he was using the voice and mannerism’s he was using on Mother –

Just as Mother finished saying “ please don’t cry” scott cried even more with whimpering included  - “No, no, no, this will never do – did I hurt you dear – did I hurt your hiney?” She asked –

Meekly and whimpering evermore scotty cried and shook his head No.

Oh Blessed Virgin – you’re not allowed to talk to Me -” She said – “Please honey stop crying – What can I do to make it better? Oh you poo r- poor child – Please Dear Lord – What did I do?” Mother said quietly – Herself on the verge of tears
scotty told Me he was becoming frightened that he had overplayed his hand – Mother was starting to look and sound VERY upset – so scotty softly grasped Mother’s hand and lead Her to the couch – They both sat down – both of them very sad – scotty slowly placed his hand on the rim of Mother’s robe in front of Her breasts – as he did – he opened Her robe slowly and placed his mouth over Mother’s nipple  and as he did – he sighed in comfort –

Mother placed Her hand under and beneath scotty’s head and lovingly pulled him into Her –

A few minutes later – he told Me – Mother began to softly cry – scotty told Me that NOW he was really becoming concerned – so he had to break one of My rules –

scotty told Me that from under Mother robe – he said – “Please don’t tell Litia that i told You this – but - - - i’ve never been so happy in my life as i am now – i love You so much – please don’t send me away

Her hand stopped stroking his head and She said “Whaa ?”

please don’t send me away – i love you more than life – please” scotty whimpered as he placed his open mouth between Her warm breasts – “please
Mother didn’t say anything for a moment – then She began to stroke his hair again “Are you just saying that?” She asked – 

Rather than answer Her with words – scotty said he lifted his mouth to Her mouth – kissed Her as softly as he could – then nibbled softly upon Her lower lip and as he pulled slightly away he told Her “i meant every word and every caress – i love My life – i so truly love you – my heart is breaking that You don’t want me and that You’re going to send me away – I don’t know what i’m going to do
scotty placed his mouth upon Mother’s chest – Mother said nothing to nothing –

A few minutes passed when Mother moved to get up – sscotty told Me that he really thought he blew it – But – instead – Mother took him by his hand – looked up at him – smiled and lead him into Her bedroom – There She crawled in and under the covers – and pulled him down to Her –

Nothing was said as they held each other in their arms and just as scotty began to fall asleep – Mother said softly – “I love you too – you’re not going anywhere – do you mind if we keep things as they were before I came out of My room tonight – I’m so sorry I hurt your feelings?”

scotty responded to Her by hugging Her even more and kissing Her again softly as he said “I love You so much

Mother replied with a hug and a “good night scotty – I’m very glad you’re here
When scotty told me what Mother said – he felt that everything was great and that he had fixed everything – 

I told scotty that I wasn’t so sure –

To Be Continued -