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Mistress Wife

Friday, March 18, 2011

Page 3 of Litia's Journal - Re-Posted March 18 2011

The Original Mistress Wife

Litia’s Journal
Page 3

Re-Posted on March 18, 2011

The next time I went to Mother's I gave Her instructions for "milking" which She said would not be needed but I left Her the instructions anyway. 

Over time Mother continued to milk scott in Her way and She would bathe him and suckle him – 

-but nothing else – 

for about a month or so - then I had asked Mother to baby-sit scott over the weekend and She agreed – 

scotty dropped Me off at the airport and he returned to Mother's. 

Mother had made plans for this first weekend She would spend with scott. 

The first change was that Mother did not milk scott like She had in the past. She just changed him in front of Her and then She told him to go watch television. 

Mother followed and changed the channel to "Touched by and Angel". Then She sat on the couch next to scott and told him to put his head on Her lap. Then as if it were an everyday thing, She had scotty suckle on Her breast while She watched one of Her favorite TV shows. As scotty suckled on Mother’s breast, She lovingly stroked his hair.

Then suddenly - without saying a word or a warning - Mother got up and took scott by the hand and brought him into the bath room where She told him to remove his clothes.

Mother sat on the toilet and with scott standing by Her – Mother had been thinking about this for a long time -

Mother put on a rubber glove - put a hand around scott's waist and She began to lubricate scotty’s anus. All the while Mother explained that what She was doing was for scott's own good. 

Mother inserted Her finger into scott’s butt and began to pump Her finger in and out of scott – scotty said his penis was standing tall and Mother liked that allot – As She fingered his butt – his erection began to dribble. 

scott said it was kind of funny because Mother would stop fingering him to re-read a page of instructions - then Mother pulled him back to Her and in earnest She would again massage scott's prostate with Her finger – 

Mother was elated as the fluid began to flow from scotty’s dick. Mother was very happy and scott said She massaged his prostate until there wasn’t a drop left in him - then in a voice scotty hadn’t heard before coming from Her – so matter of fact - Mother told scott to take a bath and Mother left the room. 

When he came out of the bath room, Mother asked if he felt alright and scott nodded "yes" and Mother asked "Did I do it right?" and scott said "yes perfectly – Thank You ". scotty said that Mother beamed with pride.

The next morning - scott was awakened with Mother milking him in Her old way and after he came in Mother's mouth - she smiled at him and said "I like this way much better, don't you" and She left his room.

The day was normal with scott working outside and around the house - My Mother left to shop and play BINGO – 

When Mother returned She told scott She was tired and was going to bed. About an hour later Mother called for scott to come to Her bedroom - and without another word - Mother had scott - who remained fully clothed - again suckle on Mother's nipple - but this time, Mother pushed his head to Her pussy and for the first time scott began to softly lick and suck on Mother’s pussy. Mother’s lifted Her Womanhood to scott’s mouth as Her hand - on the back of his head – pulled scott closer and closer to Her. scotty said Mother was cooing the who time and when She was finished She pushed scotty away from Her - said “good night scott”- rolled over and went to sleep. scott left Mother’s room quietly and returned to the TV room. 

Later, Mother came out and apologized to scott and promised scott that “none of it would ever happen again”. 

scott told Me that he looked down and began to cry – (scotty’s so smart) and as he worked the tears out Mother said - "Why are you crying dear – are you crying cause you’re happy that I won’t do any of that again?" scotty really hammed it up and without ever lifting his eyes – scotty slowly shook his head “No
Mother walked close to scotty and put Her arms almost around him – “what’s wrong dear – please don’t cry

As scotty was telling Me about this he was using the voice and mannerism’s he was using on Mother –

Just as Mother finished saying “ please don’t cry” scott cried even more with whimpering included  - “No, no, no, this will never do – did I hurt you dear – did I hurt your hiney?” She asked –

Meekly and whimpering evermore scotty cried and shook his head No.

Oh Blessed Virgin – you’re not allowed to talk to Me -” She said – “Please honey stop crying – What can I do to make it better? Oh you poo r- poor child – Please Dear Lord – What did I do?” Mother said quietly – Herself on the verge of tears
scotty told Me he was becoming frightened that he had overplayed his hand – Mother was starting to look and sound VERY upset – so scotty softly grasped Mother’s hand and lead Her to the couch – They both sat down – both of them very sad – scotty slowly placed his hand on the rim of Mother’s robe in front of Her breasts – as he did – he opened Her robe slowly and placed his mouth over Mother’s nipple  and as he did – he sighed in comfort –

Mother placed Her hand under and beneath scotty’s head and lovingly pulled him into Her –

A few minutes later – he told Me – Mother began to softly cry – scotty told Me that NOW he was really becoming concerned – so he had to break one of My rules –

scotty told Me that from under Mother robe – he said – “Please don’t tell Litia that i told You this – but - - - i’ve never been so happy in my life as i am now – i love You so much – please don’t send me away

Her hand stopped stroking his head and She said “Whaa ?”

please don’t send me away – i love you more than life – please” scotty whimpered as he placed his open mouth between Her warm breasts – “please
Mother didn’t say anything for a moment – then She began to stroke his hair again “Are you just saying that?” She asked – 

Rather than answer Her with words – scotty said he lifted his mouth to Her mouth – kissed Her as softly as he could – then nibbled softly upon Her lower lip and as he pulled slightly away he told Her “i meant every word and every caress – i love My life – i so truly love you – my heart is breaking that You don’t want me and that You’re going to send me away – I don’t know what i’m going to do
scotty placed his mouth upon Mother’s chest – Mother said nothing to nothing –

A few minutes passed when Mother moved to get up – sscotty told Me that he really thought he blew it – But – instead – Mother took him by his hand – looked up at him – smiled and lead him into Her bedroom – There She crawled in and under the covers – and pulled him down to Her –

Nothing was said as they held each other in their arms and just as scotty began to fall asleep – Mother said softly – “I love you too – you’re not going anywhere – do you mind if we keep things as they were before I came out of My room tonight – I’m so sorry I hurt your feelings?”

scotty responded to Her by hugging Her even more and kissing Her again softly as he said “I love You so much

Mother replied with a hug and a “good night scotty – I’m very glad you’re here
When scotty told me what Mother said – he felt that everything was great and that he had fixed everything – 

I told scotty that I wasn’t so sure –

To Be Continued -

Monday, March 14, 2011

posted on March 14, 2011 - Mother's Day - Kind of

NOTE: This is being posted on March 14, 2011
August 29, 2002
It's football season and I'm letting “My “nothing”” watch Da Bears. I don't know why he watches them, they always lose and he always acts so surprised when they lose. MEN !
Men are like little boys - that's why we need to treat them like little boys - right?

Last night we went to dinner with vanilla friends. They don't know about the life “nothing” and I share and I think they'd be flabbergasted if they did - at least "she" would. 

Each time that "she" was away, I played little head games with her hubby and I know that boy would follow Me to the ends of the earth. I really think most if not all men want Women to be the boss. It's funny how “nothing” just goes along with everything knowing that I was playing with our dinner guest.

On the way home, I teased “nothing” about "him" and how I might just bring him to My bed since “nothing” was certainly not going to be in bed with Me - I mused how much I would enjoy taking a new lover since I had not had a new lover for so very very long. scott (nothing) just said that he thought I should have anything I desired but - the way he said it  - made it the wrong thing  for him to say.

When we arrived home, I kicked off My shoes and scott scurried to pick them up and put them away.
I said goodnight to scott and told him that he would be sleeping in his own room that night and I told him to be in bed within the next 30 minutes. When I heard scott go into his room and saw that he shut the light, I brought out My friend "MAX"  (did I tell you that MAX is My trusty plug-in vibrator who’s never let Me down) and Imasturbated as I thought about being with Our dinner guest and his wife - yes together. 

My toy makes a loud buzzing noise and I knew that scott could hear each muffled electrical buzz mixed in with My moans. I stopped at 3 or 4 long climaxes - then satisfied that scott was in lust - I went to sleep peacefully still thinking about dinner - but mostly about the female who dined with us. She is so vanilla, she would be allot of fun to train - the right way.

Oh well - goodnight for now
August 31 2002
Yesterday when “My nothing” got home from work, I told him not to get too comfortable because we were going to My Mother's house - "Mom's just going crazy cause Her house is so dusty, so Mom and I are going out to dinner while you dust - We'll stop someplace on the way so you can grab some broasted chicken for dinner". scott asked if he could go to dinner with Mom and Me but I told him that there was just too much work for him to do at Mom's so he'll have to settle for broasted chicken on the way or “nothing” - “nothing” for “nothing” - Right? (ES)

 My mother knows that scott is My slave and She uses him as a slave too - not sexually but for all the things an older Lady needs done around the house - and She does mistreat him verbally and She enjoys every minute of it - Plus She gets Her work done. 

A long time ago - after dad died and Mom was overwhelmed with yard and housework, She and I had a heart to heart talk about scott's role in life. She kinda knew or thought She knew we were different but couldn't quite put Her finger on it. Mom readily accepted scott as Her slave too and we called scott into the kitchen and I told scott to get on his knees before Her and vow to Her accepting Her as his Mistress. 

scott did and My Mother just laughed and said that She certainly wouldn't turn down this offer but that She didn't know what to do or how to use him. I told Her that I would help Her learn - but that the key was for Her to speak in a condescending tone to him as if he were a naughty little boy - and he'll love it – and he’ll love Her for speaking to him that way.

To be continued:

I'm back - scott and I have been talking - you don't know who we are - if you've read the site - you know that we live in NW Chicago burbs and you know that scott and I are both in the education field - but that could be allot of people - and “nothing” connected with this site is registered to us - It all belongs to Master Joseph - Soooooooooooooooo
after scott talked to me about not telling you the truth about Mother - I agreed that I would tell you the whole truth.
I said that Mother doesn't use scott for sex. 

That's not exactly correct. 

scott has never placed his penis into Mother's vagina - relying on ex-President Clinton's definition? - No, but I just got a little squeamish in "telling all". Mother does use scott sexually and it is a really long story - This may take Me a while to explain -
Like I told you - I explained to Mother that scott was My slave and that She could use him as Her slave too but Mom didn't know how to use him or what to do so I promised to help Her learn -

ohhhh - this is SSSsssssOOOOoooo hard to say -

Anyway - after scott came in and kneeled before Mother and vowed to accept Her as his Mistress - I had scott rise and told him to drop his pants - Mother said "no, no dear, that's not necessary" and I told Mom that I wanted to show Her that scott is "“nothing”" his feelings are "“nothing”" and that She would have to understand scott so that She could get full use of Her new "property". 

"Well, I don't know dear....." She said

"Well, I do Mom - scott - drop your pants ! NOW! " I said
and scott unbuckled his pants and dropped them to show the panties he was wearing.

"You see Mom - I dress him in panties"

"My, my, my" were Her only words -holding Her hand to Her mouth. 

"And - from this day forward - except in the company of others - scott may never again say a word in your presence." I said
"What? scott can't talk around us anymore? - but why?" Mother asked

"If scott speaks - you'll see him more as human than as property - so he's no longer allowed to speak around YOU unless there are other people around. It'll make it easier for you to learn how to use him and not think of him as human - I don't" I told Her

"Is it really necessary that he not speak dear?" Mother asked

"It's very necessary that he not speak. You'll see that in time, You will use scott for other things but only if you see him as "property" and not My husband" I told Her. 

Think of him as nothing more than a dishwasher or vacuum cleaner – scott is nothing  and he must always be treated that way – in private – and in private do whatever you want – he’s property not My husband – Your wildest dreams are safe” I told Her “You can have your most wonderfully delicious desires”

"Oh no dear, that would be incest" She cried

"No Mother - first scott is not related to you by blood and scott is “nothing” more than a machine to be used - just like when you need a release - think of him as a battery toy or whatever - but I promise you that anything You do with scott or any use You have of scott will only be known by You. scott won't tell Me and I won't ask" I said - lying through My teeth. “Whatever You two do – I’ll never know about” – I knew she’d believe Me -

"Oh, I would never use him except for work around the house" She said.

"That's up to you, but he is here for My pleasure and for Yours - use him anyway You want but just don't be nice to him or feed him or expect him to talk - if I ever find out that he says just one word in Your presence - I'll divorce him - DO YOU UNDERSTAND scott ?" I said staring at him with My devil eyes - 

scott nodded and said "yes Ma’m "

Mother and I left scott at Her house to dust and went to dinner. While at dinner, and after a long girl-to-girl talk Mother got more and more excited about having scott to help around the house. Mother even suggested that We shop for some new panties for scott to wear when he was at Her house so We went on a shopping spree for just that purpose.
It was so much fun. 

Mother also admitted that She liked that scott couldn't talk - "It'll be much easier for Me dear" she said – I knew it would be easier for Her this way -

When Mother and I returned home - Mother's house was not only dusted, but the rest of the house looked just spotless and scott had moved to washing windows. he was such a good boy and I was so proud of him. Mother was elated! 

"scott make Us some coffee please" Mother ordered
and as scott put down his Windex and paper towels and went into the kitchen as I said "Very Good Mom, that's it".
Mother smiled a very large smile and said - "I think I'm gonna like this

As We sat having our coffee Mother suggested that scott try on some of the panties that She had picked out for him. 

scott dutifully stood before Us and took off his pants and panties. Mother said "My" as She looked at his penis. "it's been a long time since I saw one of those and it’s so prettyYour father wasn’t circumcised or near as big - She said. 

Of course the panties fit fine and Mother asked if when scott came to help Her if it was alright that he wear the panties or whatever that She had bought for him. I told Her that would be great and it'll help Her to remember who the boss is and it sure isn't scott. I reminded Mother that scott was never to do "wash" because he'll wreck the clothes and also reminded Her NOT to feed him because if She fed him, it would be too chummy for now. 

In time, when She got use to using him as a machine and not a human – so -She could feed him.

More later:

Mother used scott to clean the gunk and leaves from Her gutters, clean the garage and bunches of stuff around the house and yard. Mother and I started going to dinner or lunch at least once a week and our girl talks were as often as when I was a teenager. 

We really became closer than we ever had been. Each time I went to pick up Mother and drop off scott, Mother would have her choice of panty for scott laid out "neatly" on the bed in the guest room and off we would go leaving scott to change and work.

Occasionally, I would come in and have coffee with Mother as scott did his work. 

It was on one of these visits that I saw Mother send scott into the guest room to change into his panties. "Mother", I scolded, "scott must NEVER have privacy. scott must be made to change into his panties in front of you so he can remember who and what he is." 

"I'm sorry dear, I just sent him off to change and I knew he would so the guest room seemed the best" She said meekly.

"No Mother, you have to stop giving him human qualities or you'll ruin him. When he changes, he changes here in the kitchen and in front of you and if you can't treat him as I say, I won't let him come over here to work anymore. I said firmly.
scott is trained and I won't have him broken or thinking he can have privacy. I want him back as I gave him to you. Do You understand?"  I demanded -

"I'm sorry dear, I do better, don't be upset." She said.

I felt bad for Mother and hugged Her telling Her that I would help Her more and not to worry but that She would have to work more with Me to be sure She learned.  Mother agreed. I said We should start by Mother sitting in a chair and having scott change directly in front of Her. She sat in the kitchen chair and I called scott and told him to stand directly in front of Mother and change. 

When scott was naked from the waist down, I told him to stand there and NOT MOVE. Mother was looking away from scotts "privates". 

"MOTHER!" I scolded, "look at scott's privates" and she looked. 

"scott, don't you look down at her, look forward" I told him and he did. I then took mother's hand and brought it to scott's penis and Mother meekly held it, then looked at it. "You see Mother, “nothing” to it. he's a machine and “nothing” more."
"This is what you have to do each time scott comes over here so he knows his place, can you do this?"

"Yes !" Mother said firmly "I can and I promise I will"
scott” I said “now turn around and walk forward two steps – then spread your legs and bend at the waist and spread your cheeks

scott did exactly as he was told – and Mother put Her hand up to Her mouth as She stared – “Oh …” She said
Are You ashamed of what scott’s just done?” I asked

No – no Dear – I just don’t know if it’s right” She said meekly

Oh” I said “Would You rather be alone and scotty and I to leave?”  I started to cry – scott caught on and he began to say “i am so sorry – i’m so sorry i offended You – i am sorry
This was a game that scotty and I have played bunches –

Mother began to console us both – “No – you haven’t offended Me – Oh Dear Litia – Please stop crying – We’ve never been so close – I love Us being close – I really LOVE what We’ve been doing – Don’t cry Dear – Please
I just thought We were doing so well –“ I said through My crocodile tears –

We are! We’re doing so good “– She said – “and I feel younger ever day and far better than I have in years
You’re just saying that – You think we’re terrible” I said crying into Mother’s shoulder –

No – no – Dear – I’m so sorry I gave You such an impression – I really like everything ” She said in Her comforting voice –
I don’t believe You Mother – You think scotty and I are awful filthy creatures ! I sobbed

“Litia – Why – I haven’t been able to get the thought of You out of My mind – I think of You and scott constantly and Dear – for the first time in years – I was moist – You know where – Please believe Me” She cried – and now She was beginning to cry –

Really Mother?” I asked “You’re not lying to Me

Would You be willing to prove it to Me?” I asked

Of course Dear” She said “How? What can I say or do?”
Would You be willing to walk up behind scotty and from behind him grab his penis and pull his penis towards You till he hurts?” I asked with sobs –

She paused for a second or two – then without saying a word – She walked up behind scott – reached underneath – grabbed his soft penis and began to pull it back towards Her –

“Farther Mother“ I said with a happy tone –
and She did – 

“Farther Mother” I said

“Really?” She said

“Really” I said

And She did – and She kept pulling until scotty started having a hard time standing – and his prick got harder and harder and Mother said - “Oh My!”

I ran up alongside Mother and hugged He as I told Her how much I LOVED Her and told Her that She was the BEST Mother in the World ! (something that wasn’t ever true)
Mother stroked scotty’s penis a couple of times as She smiled back at Me – 

That’s GREAT Mom” I said “Now – let’s pull ourselves together and get ready to go shopping” 

Oh” – Mother said phony sadness in Her tone –

You’ll have him to use forever – so let’s go shopping
and shopping we went –

Over the next few months everything was going well and Mother found no problem in treating scott like a machine. She had work that had to be done (Her opinion) and scott did it all and all She had to do was sit for a minute and hold his penis - which She admitted to me She liked "maybe too much".
What a stitch She is!

Anyway, one day I dropped scott off and I was running late for My meeting so I didn't even go in to Mother's house. I just dropped him, and waved to Mother as I drove away. About 20 minutes later, My cell phone rang and it was Mother.
"Litia, scott has an erection - I hit it with a wooden spoon but he still has an erection..." She said

"I'm sorry Mother, I always milk scott before I bring him to your house, but I was running so late, I just didn't have time and as far as hitting his penis with a wooden spoon, scott loves to be hit..."
"on his PENIS?" Mother interrupted

"Yes Mother, he loves to be hit on his penis - I'm just getting to My meeting so just ignore it or work around it - I have to go" I said in a bye-bye voice.

"Wait a minute dear, did you say "milk him"? She asked

"Yes Mother, milk him - I just didn't have time and I don't have the time to tell you how - Bye!" and I hung up.

Later when I returned to Mother's, She told me that everything worked out just fine.

That night as scott and I ate dinner, I asked scott what happened. scott explained that he was sorry about the erection but that he couldn't help it and the more she hit his penis the harder he got. 

Then She called Me on the cell phone and after She got off the phone with Me, She reached out and took his penis and Mother began talking about "milking" and how grandpa - Her father - always talked about how the cows had to be milked and this was no different. 

Mother began to stroke scott's cock, slowly at first then faster, and as She pumped She moved forward and cautiously at first, but Mother then put scott's cock into Her mouth and in a short time, scott came in Mother's mouth and Mother didn't lose a drop. 

Mother kept scott in Her mouth until he was completely soft and completely drained. Then Mother brought a warm wash cloth to scott - AS IF - and wiped him, as She said - "Now you're milked -so finish changing and get to work"

Mother didn't say anything to Me about the event but She did tell Me that I didn't have to worry or take the time to milk scott before he came over. Mother explained that She knew I was "so busy" and that She understood what to do, and that She was "doing it". 

It wasn't until later that I explained to Mother, what "milking" him  really meant. But for now, Mother was enjoying milking scott Her way. Mother asked if scott told Me about anything and I told Mother "scott has ORDERS to NEVER speak a word about anything that happens between Mother and him. I gave him those Orders so that you would feel comfortable Mother" ( Yes of course I lied – Dahhhhh !)

"Oh, that's not necessary, but Yes, it is much better that way and I love that "the boy" doesn't ever say a word around Me. It's like having a real-life robot and it doesn't even seem like he's human to Me anymore" She said.

"Perfect Mom" I said - "I'm very happy too because it's much easier on Me now that you're using scott too."

Mother smiled and said "It's My pleasure dear".

Enough about Mother - Maybe I'll write more about Her again later because She has a whole Different thing going on - But I can see how happy She is and She's always says how happy She is now that She and I have grown so close and how life is so much better for Her now than it's ever been.

Gotta Run!

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Help Me and you by using the banners on My site - K? I know that I can count on you to help Me.

Love in Dominance

Today is Labor Day, 2002 and scott and I are off - and it's raining here in Chicago - that means you're lucky cause I'm gonna write some more.

scott says that I should tell you more about Mother and scott. I'm still feeling kinda queasy about telling you, but scott loves it and I think it's great - so I'll tell you just a little bit more.

Anyway, Mother continued to "milk" scott Her way before sending him off to work around the house or the yard. Then one day while scott was working in the yard - Mother called out for him to come into the house - "Take off your clothes right there young man - don't get dirt all over My house" She said to him firmly.

scott did as instructed and was standing in panties. Mother looked over at him and said "I said take off your clothes!"  so scott removed his panties as Mother took him by the hand and led him into the bathroom - "Get into the tub" Mother said and when scott was in, Mother took a wash cloth and began to bathe scott like a baby. She had him stand up and washed his privates including taking a soapy finger and putting it up scott's butt. Then she washed each finger on his hand individually with the wash cloth - then held out a towel - scott stepped out of the tub and Mother dried him - When he was dry enough Mother again took his hand and led scott into Her bedroom and stood scott in front of Her. scott became hard and with Mother sitting on the bed and scott standing - She again milked him using Her mouth. When scott's dick got soft, Mother had scott lay on the bed with his head in Her lap and She stroked his head cooing to him as a Mother would a baby - then Mother lifted Her sweatshirt and placed Her nipple in scott's mouth and lowered Her sweatshirt back down over his sucking face. While scott suckled on Mother nipple She fondled scott's flaccid penis and hummed a soft song.

After a while Mother lifted the sweatshirt and smiled at scott as he sucked.

Then Mother removed Her nipple from scott's mouth and told him to go out and finish his work - She told scott that he was a good boy and if he is good - She will reward him by letting him suckle and every once in a while She'd even hit him with a wooden spoon every now and again.

That day when I picked scott up - he started talking as soon as we were in the car telling Me all that happened - I told scott that I was very happy that My Mother was enjoying Herself with him and I also told him that I was so pleased with his behavior that later that night, I would allow him to enter Me and cum inside Me and I also told scott that if he continued to make Mother happy that I would allow him to cum in Me more often than I ever had before.
Everyone was happy.

Mother never mentioned to Me about scott nursing on Her, but She did ask what I meant about "milking". She said that She had been milking scott but that it seemed I was referring to something else when We talked on the phone.

I explained to Mother what milking was - and She was very surprised and said that wasn't the way She had been milking him. I said "Oh, how are you milking him?" She told Me that it didn't matter - She just pumped his "privates" with Her hand but that the new way that I had told Her about sounded like something but not anything that She would EVER do with Me in the room to show Her. 

She could NEVER do anything like that.

I told Mother what She was doing was alright and almost as good but told Mother that if She should ever try it to be certain that She wears a rubber glove and that She uses lubrication.
Enough for today -